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The Imperial 160RT Basic Ferry Boat personal flotation device (PFD) is an inherently-buoyant, self-righting lifejacket designed to be worn by an adult for extended survival in rough, open water where superior flotation characteristics are necessary.

This Life Vest meets USCG Type I Approval. We also offer a USCG/SOLAS (5YR) Light and Whistles as well.


The Imperial Captains 2200 Workvest is a popular Type III work vest. Mesh workvests are inherently buoyant personal flotation devices (PFD) designed for commercial, bridge working and other industrial operations. This Workvest is configured with two 1.5" encircling body belts.

This vest comes in a few different sizes: Small/Medium, Large/XL, XXL/XXXL.


The Crewfit 35 Sport includes essential features that ensure the recreational user remains safe when out on the water including unique inflatable chin support which helps keep your airway clear of the water. The low profile design is so compact and lightweight that you may forget you’re wearing it.

We carry all three colors, and we can also provide recharge kits.