Immersion Suit FAQs

How often do immersion suits need to be inspected?

  • Both the manufacturer and Coast Guard require that suits be tested as follows:

    • First service is due 2 years after manufacture date

    • Second service is due 4 years after manufacture date (or 2 years after the first service)

    • After 4 years, must be inspected annually

  • Example: if your suit was manufactured in 2017 - your first service is due in 2019, second service is due in 2021, and after 2021 the suit must be serviced every year.

What is the cost of an Immersion Suit Inspection?

  • Please call us for a quote if you’d like to have your immersion suits inspected! If you are interested in purchasing a new suit, please click here.

How do I know what size SUIT i wear?

  • Refer to our size charts here.

do you rent immersion suits?

  • If you need a survival suit for a short time, call or stop by our warehouse and we will be happy to fit you for the correct size and get you on your way!

How to properly don an Immersion Suit:

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