Immersion Suit FAQs

How often do immersion suits need to be inspected?

-Coast Guard Regulations state that Immersion Suits need to be inspected 2 years after the initial purchase 

- After the initial 2 year inspection, Immersion suits then need to be inspected at 4 years

-After Immersion Suits are 4 years old, inspections are required annually

-We service all brands & styles of Immersion Suits

What is the cost of an Immersion Suit Inspection?

-Immersion Suit inspections start at $25 per suit and go up from there depending on the extent of repairs

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-If you need a survival suit for a short time, call or stop by our new warehouse and we will be happy to fit you for the correct size and get you on your way!

How to properly don an Immersion Suit:

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